Smart doll height classification


SUNAC group is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, service and technical support for the integration of modern high-tech enterprises. The company is specialized in manufacturing solid dolls, dolls, dolls, intelligent simulation of silicone dolls, dolls, dolls and other men's sex appeal, the company introduced foreign production equipment nearly 20, with nearly 100 products mold a month, the yield reached 10W, the financial record company demands the best, with high-end top quality standard products, to create the world's top doll as the goal of serving the public, the company always adhere to the "science and technology as the forerunner, the quality as the guide, service first" business philosophy, innovation, creativity, excellence, always forward aimed at the development of entity doll, self innovation, innovation, reform and innovation, in order to meet the needs of the development and change of the。
In the R & D team to do well baby fever, live sound, and eyebrows, hair, tattoos, real film fingernails, finger joint, the body of each joint of human activity range of products perfect, and receive professional customized services, only 100% do not think of customers, financial record to do。